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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Saturday, 26 May 2012

2012 Photographs

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Passport Photo

Jan 2012 Victim - Andrew as Clayton Cooper

Information we received from another potential victim. This information was received 23 January 2012 while he was grooming the latest European victim. Note Clayton Cooper IS Andrew John Harper. As our goal is to expose Andrew, NOT his victims some changes have been made to the original text to protect the identity of the victim and these will appear in italics and beige.

I am writing to let you know that I could have been Mr. Cooper's next victim. I was in contact with Clayton Cooper on a daily basis for a period of a month between late November 2011 and early January 2012. We skyped on occasions for 10 hours at a time. I must have literally spent days and days talking to this guy. He is very good, I was totally smitten. I consider myself to be a fairly smart and level-headed person and am totally appalled that I was taken in by him.

I am a single mother
 residing outside Australia and we met on-line. He contacted me and (was) funny and intelligent and genuine. As I expect with the others, his tales of what we could do together, where we could travel together (and he even asked me to move in with him) just turned my head. (omitted) I was so happy to be the center (or so he said) of someones world and that the fact that it was such a world made me (omitted) so level-headed. I fell for all his lines .... the money.... the people that he knew .... the Monet's that he owned, though I have to say that by this time I was starting to get a little suspicious.

He told me, 
(omitted) that he was going to come visit me. He was going to be opening a business here employing a lot of people. He even had my friend who is a realtor looking for houses for him to buy. Twice the trip was put off. The first excuse; he was found with some undeclared paperwork on his private jet and that he was being investigated by the FBI and Interpol and had to get a tax audit done.

A week later he was cleared of all charges and he would be on his way again. And then the last excuse was that his friend had committed suicide. Alarm bells started ringing and I sent him an email asking him some pertinent questions about his identity and why wasn't he on google or any other websites if he was who he said he was? I got a reply back saying that he wasn't in a good place at that time and that he would contact me when he finally got here.

Well as you have already guessed he hasn't arrived to date. I was so fortunate that we parted company before he had the chance to scam me out of any money (I have none so he would have found that difficult)

Paragraphs omitted for privacy and protection 
I am one of the lucky ones - but there might be more out there that are not as fortunate as me. 
Good luck ladies.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Andrew John Harper in Europe as Tyler Wiltshire May 2012

Our latest victim has discovered that AJH is incapable of "going straight".  He was successful in portraying this blog and the website, successful in his arrest and conviction, as witch hunts by broken hearted and scorned women.

Such is his skill that our latest victim financed his journey out of Australia to France.

Mission accomplished.

He is in a new territory where there has been no media coverage.  For those in the know, AJH is successful in his ruse because he tells just enough truth to be convincing, however it is always coated in a good layer of lies and deception.

This is the work of a true sociopath/psychopath.

We doubt he will ever return to Australia, as he is still wanted for questioning in several states for crimes under investigation. This is a blessing for all women in Australia. No so for our European sisters. He is banned from entering the USA for visa violations, so Europe it is.

Such is his lure for wealth he will probably try to get to Monaco and see if he can out-do Steve Martin and Michael Caine in his quest to succeed as a "Dirty Rotten Scoundrel"

Our latest victim writes:
AJH has just conned his latest victim!

Using the name Tyler Wiltshire he has been conning an English woman living in the South of France with his home made fake Paypal bank account, fake Commonwealth and fake Commsec bank accounts as well as producing fake government documents and emails addresses passing himself off as several lawyers, tax office officials and bank directors.

He will have surely left the country by now and the UK looks like his next target having striped this last victim of everything he could and ruining her business.

A string of Swiss lawyers, Fiduciaries, Real estate agents, Luxury car garages, Notaries and a British boat builder have also been caught up in the con

More details to come soon

So the pattern continues.

As a post script, AJH repaid his airfare and passage to Europe by convincing BNP Paribas to open a bank account and extend a 3,000 Euro overdraft. No surprises, they will never see that money again, but fortunately our victim has received some compensation for his parasitic ways.

Monday, 21 May 2012

2012 (Jan) Andrew Resurfaces unchanged

After only 3 months since our nemesis Andrew Harper was released from incarceration he has resurfaced with two new pseudonyms:

Edward Jordan and Clayton Cooper

He is now "grooming' a woman who currently resides in Western Europe. Thankfully she had cause to become suspicious as a result of his broken promises to fly to Europe to meet with her. He has "planned" to do this twice to date and failed to show in each instance. As her suspicions deepened she had the good sense to Google "Australian Con man". With luck our blog was article #1; followed by a subsequent reference to our con man's incarceration on the Love Fraud website.

We are very grateful that his latest victim came to us for confirmation and now can be free of his clutches. Our potential co-victim confronted Andrew during a Skype discussion and immediately he confessed to his past claiming "he has changed and wanted a new clean non corupt (sic) start"

She writes: "He knows we (her with Rebecca, Diana and Roz) are in contact as I told him this morning I had found out who he is. He has told me, admitted everything"

We know he is incapable of "going straight". If he were genuine in doing so he would repay the court ordered $22,000 to the victims of his latest arrest and certainly would not be giving TWO false names, phone numbers and email addresses to this next potential victim.

Unfortunately, some damage has already been done to her psyche as he has been proficient in casting his spell on her, but on the plus side she trusted her gut instinct enough to check up on him.

She wrote to us at and we have been in contact with her offering advice, support and coping strategies. She has read this blog and we have reinforced this information with details of our own experiences of this proficient con artist.

Remember, if you have had any dealings with any of the following names or know his whereabouts, contact us at

Andrew John Harper
Ryan Reece DuPont
Andrew Karlsson
Edward Jordan and
Clayton Cooper

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cruel love rat ends up in a cage

Photo caption: TIP-OFF: Brisbane victim Rebecca Bell helped net conman John Harper. Picture: Mark Cranitch Source: The Sunday Mail (Qld)

  • The Sunday Mail (Qld) 
  • February 06, 2011 12:01AM

  • LOVE rat and serial conman Andrew J. Harper boasted of being a billionaire with luxury houses but his home for the next nine months will be prison.

  • The 39-year-old, who left a trail of victims with his bogus stories of life as a high-flying international businessman, pleaded guilty in a Victorian court last week to 13 charges spanning five years.
    But police still want to talk to him in three other states - Queensland, NSW and South Australia - about the possibility of further charges being laid.
    Harper was arrested following a tip-off after two Brisbane women, Rebecca Bell and Diana Mors, set up a website to expose and catch him.
    Ms Bell was in court to see him jailed. "It's awesome," she said. "He got what he deserved.
    "I wanted to be here to represent all his victims and let him know this hasn't ended.
    "The sentence is a big achievement for everyone involved. It brings us one step closer to closure and helps protect others. We are all very happy."
    Harper, who told women he met through internet sites that he was Australia's second-richest man and claimed tycoon Sir Richard Branson was a friend, wore a white T-shirt and green tracksuit bottoms for the 41-minute hearing at Frankston Magistrates Court on Wednesday.
    Magistrate Ross Betts, who also ordered Harper to repay $22,244.96, said: "You have perpetuated a premeditated, malicious and cruel, cruel deception that warrants imprisonment."
    Prosecutor Darren Cathie told the court: "He claimed to be a multi-millionaire, have property in Monte Carlo with a boat and vehicles. He also claimed that he was the director of a Korean shipping company."
    The victims included Victorian mum-of-two Katherine Pizzey, 36.
    Harper negotiated to buy her a Maserati Gran Turismo valued at $347,000 and a $718,000 Ferrari 599 for himself.
    For each purchase, penniless Harper would have contracts sent to email addresses for fake personal assistants and lawyers "to be checked over", but no money ever exchanged hands.
    When his victims questioned him, Harper gave a sob story so they would let him stay in their homes.
    "He stated he had cancer and was receiving chemo treatment," Mr Cathie said.

  • Gary Adshead- The West Australian

    Friday, Feb 4

    Gary Adshead writes a column called Inside Cover, which featured several articles regarding Andrew Harper in 2005. 

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